Writing Coaching


We wanted a website that truly reflected us, our values, and most importantly our voice. We went as far as we could on our own, but nothing sounded quite right and we were constantly frustrated and stuck. Erin helped us get our thoughts on paper, and together we were able to shape our ideas into professional quality output. We are quite proud of the results, and we never could have done this without her help.

Michael D. Yoder, CFP®
Principal Investment Advisor
Yoder Wealth Management


I had been a financial planner for about 15 years and knew I “had a book in me.” Erin came recommended by a colleague, so after checking her web page, I decided to give her a call. Having never worked with a writing coach, I had no idea what to expect. The experience was better than I could have ever imagined. My initial goal of a 5,000 word white paper, grew into a 33,000 word manuscript. Erin helped me find my “inner voice” and turned my little project into a passion. We worked on it for about nine months, so in a way, it really was my “baby!” Erin was absolutely invaluable. Not only did she help me with the project at hand, but she transformed my writing by orders of magnitude and made me infinitely more confident. I look forward to working with her on future projects. I highly recommend Erin to any writer, whether for a specific project, or just to hone and refine their skills. She has a gift!

Jon Kagan, CFP®, CDFA™
Registered Principal
Soundside Wealth Advisors


I recently wrote a white paper. After spending several months researching the subject matter and writing and rewriting my paper, I decided to hire Erin Zimmer of Writing Success Now. I had heard about Erin from some colleagues over the past few years but to be honest, I was skeptical. I consider myself a good writer and I wasn’t sure what Erin could add given that she wasn’t an expert on the issues I was writing about.

After just one session with Erin, I knew I had made a good decision by hiring her. Erin was able to show me perspectives I had not thought about. She challenged me to connect to my target audience and helped deliver a clearer, more compelling message. Each session I felt that I was improving as a writer, as Erin helped me better express my message. She also did a great job on the graphic design of my white paper.

Overall, Erin had a tremendous impact on my white paper and helped me produce something I am truly proud of. I would not hesitate to recommend her and I look forward to working with her on my next writing project.

Assaf Pinchas, CFP®
Wealth Manager
Allegiance Financial Group LLC


I was stuck with"blogger's block"and hadn't had the inspiration to write on my blog for months. Thanks to working with Erin, I'm back on track and writing again. Best of all, she gave me a slew of great ideas to inspire my posts for months to come. I highly recommend her coaching!

Mary Walewski, MLS
Buy The Book Marketing
Social media training and consulting for authors & small business owners



I worked with Erin to develop web content for my new website. I was immediately struck by her consummate professionalism and deep knowledge of expert writing skills. Erin helped me take some basic ideas of what I wanted to say and turn them into a polished finished product. I would highly recommend Erin for any project requiring assistance in turning some rudimentary thoughts into professional and effective material. The tools and techniques I learned while working with Erin will help me in the future as I prepare and create my service branding and marketing materials. I am eternally grateful for Erin's leadership and assistance at a time I needed it most!

Michele Prinzi
Life Coach, Strategic Living Life Coaching


Not only is Erin Zimmer an absolute pleasure to work with, she also has remarkable talent. No need to look any further for an editor or design professional. I am so fortunate to have worked with Erin. Her quality of work is outstanding. Through all the stages of publishing, her support and guidance was of superior quality. Because of the work we have done together, I am immensely proud of my book. In my book, she is “the solution!"

Gina Kopera, M.H.
author, Cure Yourself Naturally


Learning to write was something that I thought would be difficult. Working with Erin, not only did I learn how to write but it was actually easy, and I started to have fun. Erin helped empower me to write about the most sensitive subject of all -- myself and my company’s services. She help me find a way to put it in my own words so people would connect with me. I would recommend Erin to anyone who was learning to start writing or wanting to improve their writing skills.

Glen Pier
President, Infinity Retirement, Inc.



Audrey’s Angels took a huge leap forward through our writing engagements with you! You guided us through a process where we learned to articulate the passion in our hearts into clear objectives. You led us through an effective writing process: from identifying our audiences and desired results of each to a culminating dynamic multimedia presentation where we could effectively share our vision. Our script grew in richness where we could easily apply “bites” to our web site, our marketing schemes and our fundraising events. We felt our branding has emerged in a vibrant and uniform way. The tools you gave us, Erin, transferred to all areas of our organizational development.

And truly, the bottom line is the response we have received each time we have spoken to groups. Our audiences get who we are and support has been pouring in! We have increased our financial support, our angels and board members, and have acquired needed equipment.

One additional side effect, unpredictable from the on set, is working with you has allowed me the experience of joy in developing my own personal expressive ability.

Thank you, Erin, for sharing your gift of guided pen and for making a huge difference in forwarding Audrey’s Angels!


Jeanne Colasanti, Vice-President
Audrey’s Angels


It is very important to us that our voice be heard in our writing. For me, that is Erin’s greatest strength. She gets us, and really knows how to help us share our voice with others. She teaches without judging. Every call with Erin brings with it new awakenings and inspirations. Writing has become a part of our life. Regardless of the type of writing, Erin can help you achieve phenomenal results. We continue to work with Erin, and know that she has been the critical link in all of our writing success.

Cheree & Doug Burnette
Clark & Burnette Wealth Management


Erin was just what I needed as I approached publishing my very first book - calm, caring, and top quality.

Sally Bonkrude
author, speaker, therapist
Conscious Performing: Overcome performance anxiety


Your design helped sell the book. I really wanted to re-thank you for making our first book so good. It was the gold standard.

Lee & Kathy Hayward
authors, Drinking & Driving in Colorado


Thank you Erin!!!! You do amazing work.

Mark Simmons
Former Publisher of Games Quarterly Magazine & Games Quarterly Catalog


Erin listened to my words and understood my vision. She helped me convey my vision with my values in a way that was creative, inspiring, and professional.

Randy Wolfe, Owner
Wolfe Woodworking, Inc.


I have worked with Erin, using her services as a Writing Coach. I found her observations and guidance highly impactful in achieving the results I wanted in reaching a larger client base.

Flo Lattery


Writing Groups & Meetings

Nick Stasnopolis
"A great experience! I enjoyed the format of the group and everyone was engaging and interesting. Erin was a great facliltator, she kept the morning moving and was very encouraging. I will definitely continue to attend."

Marilyn Weber
“Erin offers great support along with everyone who attends. Everyone is friendly and forthcoming with advice and suggestions. I am happy to have found this group. I am hooked.”

Paul Waterman
“Writers need community, feedback, and the chance to talk shop. This affords all of the above. Plus the people I've met so far are excellent. Extremely friendly.”

Susannah Carroll
“Great ideas and help Erin! Thank you!”

“Erin is supportive, inspirational, and full of helpful techniques for getting you writing! Thanks, Erin, for all your help!”

Rita Pilger
“Erin Zimmer has a wealth of valuable information she shares with us. She is wonderful at encouraging everyone in their writing and supports us in whatever the style of our writing is whether it's screen plays, novels, poetry or newsletters. She is truly a"go to"person with any writing questions.

Amy Molinaro
"I was staring at my notebook, completely unsure of where to start until Erin gave me the perfect pointers to get me going. The meet-up was excellent. I accomplished a lot. Can't wait for the next one. Thank you!"

Jenny Stimson
"Erin was fabulous! Great, simple techniques that really were inspiring and broke down the writer's block wall! Excellent!"

"It was great; I feel more ready to tackle my task of 50,000 after talking to Erin and getting great feedback from everyone!"

"Since I have been attending this group, it's caused me to really get serious about my writing and I have enrolled in school to learn to write better because of Erin's group. Thanks everyone!!"

“I think that the host is very enthusiastic and organized; I really enjoyed talking with others in the group as well. The writing exercises are very new but I'm very open and I'm ready to try!”

Pam Remington
“Well the first night! Erin is an above aver. leader and really stimulates! I love the 10 min writing sprints and the quirky exercise using two cards with words on them. All in all learned something new, stretched myself almost immediately and will be back!”

Lisa Fender
“I really enjoyed meeting the other writers and hearing their thoughts and ideas. The timed writing helped me to get into the writing. Erin was great on keeping us on track!”

Jill Andersen
“I love this chance to sit and write and get things done!”

“Loved the plot bunnies and the writing sprints! Great ways to create new habits. I'm so glad I joined this group.”

“Inspiring, supportive, important, and fun!”

“I had such a great time at the meetup! It was my first time attending, and everyone was so warm and welcoming. It really helped me to focus on my project and I got a lot accomplished and can't wait for the next meeting!”

“Loved it. Erin is always so welcoming and supportive.”

Jessica Jarrard
“It was great to meet new people who share my interest in writing. It was great have a sounding board for some ideas. We were able to help each other with our ideas through discussions.”