My Approach


I will freely share with you all of my knowledge and experience. No gimmicks or off limits areas. What I know and have learned (sometimes the hard way), I am happy to share. I will help you make the world a better place with your product or service. Likewise, I will let you know if I don't know something. No posturing. I will put you in touch with other smart people to help you when I cannot.

There is no program to follow or formula to adapt. Rather, I have a wide array of tools and techniques. I pull out whatever you need at the moment to succeed at the project you are working on right then. I freely share everything about my approach, explaining why I think it will help, how it works, and how you can continue to use and apply this in the future to make your writing projects more successful.

My goal, by freely sharing everything I know, is to fully empower you.

Who Do I Help Best?

I work with my fellow entrepreneurs who have a deep passion for making the world a better place through their product or service. Why? Because I get you! It's the classic, "been there, done that." I understand the drive and commitment you have. I know I bring value and can make a real difference in your business success. Since we are playing with classic clichés in this paragraph, the adage "your success is my success" is true here too.

Don't be fooled into old-fashioned thinking that entrepreneurs only exist in small businesses. The might of a big company only happens because of the everyday efforts of each individual. The advanced corporations of today embrace the enterprising energy of innovation found in entrepreneurship. Give me a call and let's talk about accessing the entrepreneurial voice in your corporation.

What Is the Value I Add?

I help you get better quality customers. This is someone with whom your sales close faster and easier. Someone you like to work with and look forward to hearing from every single day. These customers are repeat offenders who come back to buy your product and service again and again. They will refer you, will sing your praises, and do your marketing work for you because they love your product and appreciate the deep value of your service.

What Will I Not Do?

I will not be a ghost writer. This greatly surprises many people and they always want to know why. I know from repeated experience that your voice is irreplaceable--your passion for your product, your love for your clients, your deep belief that your product or service makes a difference--no one else can write this. This is why I will not do ghost writing on your behalf.

Similarly, I do not do editing work. While I might be able to return a document that is technically correct, without knowing you it is easy to lose the nuances of your intended meaning. Also, I often find that people disengage from their writing when they send it to an editor. "Oh, someone else will fix it…make it better…make it right." Then they stop working on it. You are doing yourself and your clients a grave disservice. Whatever the medium of communication, this is your voice going out into the world. Be passionate about every part of it.

I am not a business coach. I do not help with strategic planning, employee management, or business development. There are lots of other very talented (and experienced) people out there to help you with that. Nope, what I do is quite focused, and I bring a rich background and depth to this one area - so we do it together very, very well. (Yes, I broke one of my own writing rules there, to never use the word "very", because the rare and deliberate choice of breaking the rules can make an exceptional impact.)

I am not an agent or publisher. The field of writing coaching is quite large, from formulating the ideas and getting words on the page to publishing and marketing strategy. I discovered quite quickly I could not do everything well, and I want to bring outstanding service and value to the people I work with. So, I had to pick. I do the part where my skills are exceptional, the front end of the process—writing outstanding content. I have limited experience otherwise but am happy to share with you any of my knowledge or expertise.