Erin Zimmer, Writing Coach and Book DesignerAbout Erin Zimmer

Erin Zimmer is an accomplished writing coach who helps writers create works that get published and increase business. She blends 20 years of business experience plus a generous dose of common sense and love for writing into creating a unique and powerful experience for you that gets results.

Erin was Editor-in-Chief for the publishing firm Matthew Simmons Marketing where she managed multiple publications and trade show events. She worked at Regis University as a web designer for Masters and Bachelor degrees courses. Her background includes more than 10 years of freelance graphic design.

Her coaching success stories include:

When not working, she fills her time with watering her garden, letting the dog out, deadheading the flowers, letting the dog in, reading, petting the dog, weeding, feeding the dog, and occasionally editing her novel.

It is my joy to introduce my new canine companion, Dott.


All work and no play is totally missing the point