Writing Coaching Experiences & Pricing


Nothing is more essential than clearly communicating about your products and services. The core of personal writing coaching is to take basic ideas of what you want to say and turn them into polished, finished products.

This coaching will transform your writing. Through our work together we will articulate the passion in your heart into clear objectives and messages that will deeply appeal to your ideal clients. There is no substitute for your voice.

I will show you how to make your voice shine and effectively share your business in your own words so people will connect with you. Convey your business in a way that is creative, inspiring, and professional.

Please know that I customize our work together. There is not some plan or formula that has to be followed. I have a deep treasury of skills and tools to share. Our work is about your success and I pull out exactly what is needed to accomplish the project at hand. Coaching sessions will consist of any combination of the following activities:

• Setting and achieving goals
• Receiving expert feedback on your work
• Becoming a better writer

Allow an additional 15 minutes for the first call. There is much to cover and it takes a little longer. Occasionally you might not hit your writing goals from the previous week, or perhaps don't have a desired piece ready to review by our appointment time. Not to worry. We can still work together, very successfully.


Traditional Coaching

Executive Access


Gain tools and skills that will last a lifetime
and change your writing experience forever.



Dedicated work space focused on goal setting,
key business communication strategies,
taking action, and on-going accountability.



Expert feedback for confidence that you are releasing
well-written, compelling documents.


Coaching calls are in 1 hour blocks. If you would like, you can schedule two calls back-to-back.

Customized appointment lengths to accommodate your schedule

When purchasing a package of calls, unused calls expire one year after purchase date unless stated otherwise in writing.

Monthly subscription allows 2 rollover hours to the next month

Coaching calls credits are for one person. If more people would like to participate, an additional package call may be used per person.

Coaching calls may include up to two people. If more people would like to participate, an additional call may be used.


Expanded appointment times, with exclusive windows for Executive Access members only.


After Kickstart, members may adjust between membership levels prior to the next month


Recording and free download of coaching calls.


Exclusive access to Power Boosts for the extra oomph to get your project to the next level.


No hassle, automatic subscription for monthly charges.


Free subscription to monthly Community Conversations.



Executive Access

These premium coaching experiences have exclusive benefits for the Executive Access Membership. The initial Kickstart is a three-month commitment to your writing and your process, then membership is billed on a convenient monthly subscription.

Membership Levels
(calls per month)

Kickstart Bundle
(3 months of calls)

Monthly Rate
(after the 3 month
Kickstart Bundle)

Executive Access 16
$1,600   $400
Executive Access 12
$1,200   $300
Executive Access 8
$800   $200
Exclusive Power Boosts        
Additional call
Pre-call editorial review (750 words) $49      
Pre-call editorial review (1,500 words) $99      
Transcription of call $49 and up      
Pop-In calls (20 min support) $39      

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Traditional Coaching

Top quality coaching combined with the flexibility to schedule your appointments throughout the year. Packages expire one year from purchase.

# of Calls
(1 hour each)
New Year's Resolution Package
$5,200   $1,300
Committed Writing Package
$2,499   $501
Dedicated Writing Package
$1,299   $201
Enthusiastic Writing Package
$899   $101
Embracing Writing Package
$475   $25
Individual Session

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Value Propostion Series

Under developed but highly needed, the Value Proposition is essential for attracting customers. Create a compelling statement about what your customers receive from using your product or service. A clear, appealing written statement of benefits and outcomes in the form of a Value Proposition will transform your marketing communications. By the end of this 4-session writing coaching series, you will create a Value Proposition statement that attracts your ideal customers and makes closing sales easier and faster.

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• A coaching call is conducted over the phone and lasts for 1 hour.
• You call in for appointments to 303-437-6681. Late calls will not extend the end time of the call.
• No refunds for missed appointments. Appointments may be rescheduled with 24-hour advanced notice.
• Internet connection and Google account required.
• Please, no appointments while you are driving; I will consider that a missed appointment and ask you to schedule another time.



The Fine Print: As with any new program launch (April 2016), there may be a few bumps in the road or technology hiccups. Please bring anything you notice to my attention so I may remedy it. Polices and packages are subject to change in order to provide the highest quality of service.